Majestic, yet easy to learn!
This Mass setting is being sung in Canada, U.S., England, New Zealand, India and China.  There have been an average of 700+ downloads each week of this music.  Check it out!!

Unlimited copies
You will receive one master copy of each sheet.  Then make as many copies as you need for your parish at no extra cost.  

$15 (USD) for everything  or  $20 (CAN)
Click HERE for ordering information

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Order this Mass setting for your  Parish
The following sheets are included in the package:

  • Piano arrangements
  • Guitar chords with melody
  • Trumpet arrangements
  • Hymnal-sized copy
  • Choir "card" with melody
  • Suggested harmonies/descant
  • Audio CD of the songs


Click HERE to hear the following selections:

Glory To God

Holy Holy


Gospel Acclamation

Memorial Acclamation

Lamb of God

Doxology & Amen

 Mass of God's Majesty and Glory Greg Mailloux Windsor Assumption Church Mass music musical setting contemporary Christian Catholic music


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